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Looking for a unique and enchanting way to delight your guests? The Illinois Mer-Pod provides professional and insured mermaid entertainers for all kinds of events. Let us wow your audience with our mesmerizing performances, while our dedicated mertender ensures everything runs smoothly. We also offer customized magical grotto set-ups for an extra special touch.

Birthday Party

Our talented mermaid will entertain the kids with games, storytime, bubbles, and more! We provide a mertender with every event to ensure everything runs smoothly. Basic package includes a special gift for the birthday child and a trinket for each young guest. Let’s make your child’s dream party a reality!


Corporate Event

Bring a touch of whimsy to your next corporate event! Our professional and insured performers will create a captivating visual display and delight your guests with their enchanting interactions. Let us sprinkle some magic and make it a memory to cherish forever!


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Educational Panels

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Meet n Greets

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Themed Vending

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PADI Classes 

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