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Megafest 2019 Recap!

Many of our members were able to attend Mermaid Megafest in South Haven Michigan this year! We all had an absolute blast getting to see the shows, participate in many activities, and build closer friendships with each other!

Breezy & Whimzsea | Photo Credit: Mermaid Breezy

We hosted a small swim meetup at our hotel, and loved getting the chance to meet new friends! Although next time, we'll be prepared for the extra harsh chlorine! :P

"Fin Family Foto" | Photo Credit: Whimzsea

We loved having the opportunity to paint together at the Tipsy Brush Studio! There were several different classes to choose from, so we all got a chance to go!

Mermaid Margaritas | Photo Credit: Tipsy Brush

It wouldnt have been a true Mermaid Festival without a crew of Pirates! They had sword fight displays over the weekend, and even had a real pirate ship some of us had a chance to ride on for a time!

Silver Moon Crew | Photo Credit: Whimzsea/Mermaid Breezy

During the Gathering at the South haven beach, our pod got a chance to show our fins together for some cute photos! We also got to sit with Hannah Mermaid and many other familiar faces while photographers and minnows swarmed all around!

Megafest Gathering 2019 | Photo Credit: Whimzsea/Pandora Mermaid

As the festivities were winding down, Mermaid Breezy, Whimzsea, and Marielle of AquaMermaid took advantage of the remaining time to do a magical photoshoot!

Never Stop Dreaming | Photo Credit: Whimzsea/Mermaid Sarina

Cementing Megafest 2019 in memory forever, the leaders of the Great Lakes Pod and the Illinois Pod clasped hands and hearts in an alliance of friendship!

Pod Leaders | Photo Credit: Whimzsea / AquaMermaid

Fin Family | Photo Credit: Mermaid Breezy

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