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Sunset Convention Prequel 2021

The Illinois Merpod hosted our first convention this year! We had a wonderful time with our pod in an intimate, content-focused setting! We offered educational panels, a formal-dress(or not!) ball, private 18+ boudoir shoots, open-content areas and group swims and photos.

Take a peek at all the fun things that happened - and don't forget to join our mailing list to receive updates about how to purchase your ticket for next year!

We jumped right in to education with our opening panel - something we've all had questions about sooner or later in our merfolk journey.

How do you care for your hair and wigs?! Sometimes it seems impossible with all of the chlorine, heavy use in events, and lack of (or too much!) product knowledge that circulates around.

Rachelle the Vintage Glam Mermaid, a licensed hair care specialist of more than eight years, talked in depth about all of this and more. She broke down what to steer clear from in hair products, how to properly care for your hair after swimming, and how to best care for your wigs after use. Rachelle also demonstrated ways to secure wigs and how to style them quickly and simply.

That night we hosted our formal-dress(or not!) Merfolk Ball, alongside a taco bar and many refreshments!

and had a wonderful time dancing and laughing with our podmates.

A huge jacuzzi offered attendees a relaxing place to lounge in-tail without ever leaving the party!

The next day we held one of our most anticipated and well-received panels, "Fluke Fixation" (FF). Its often hard to know what fin will suit you best unless you can try them on, and sometimes that isnt possible as they can get pricey quick! We offered FF to give our guests a chance to see and test many different kinds of fins.

Guided by one of our experts; a lifelong swimmer, teacher, and lifeguard, Ms. Jessy showcased multiple fins in the lesson portion, sharing what to look for in a monofin based on your intended use, what to avoid, how to use any fin safely, and practical care tips for longevity. Attendees were then able to test multiple monofins in the practical half of the panel, trying on their choice of fin and using them in the pool, in or out of a tail.

To help our guests get ready for individual photo shoots in the evening, our Makeup Panel was scheduled in the afternoon with licensed Makeup and SFX artist, Ms. Karina. Offering a wealth of knowledge about how to achieve certain looks, what products to pick up for a beginner, and individual attention during the class, this panel was definitely a hit!

Attendees to our Makeup panel were able to leave completely photo-ready for our group and individual shoots later in the evening. Looks were customized to their desired colors of course, and truly brought out the inner Goddesses of our members!

A group swim and photo finished up the scheduled group activities for the day, with much fin splashing and happy smiles!

Evening photoshoots were open to those who pre-scheduled a slot for private 1-on-1 boudoir shoots with our photographer, while other sets were available for all guests to use for open-content creating.

Photos were professionally retouched from each of our shoots, giving our members gorgeous photos to treasure for years to come.

If you are interested in joining us for our content creation extravaganza next year, be sure to sign up on our email list! Illinois Merfolk are also welcome to join our main Pod Group on facebook. We look forward to seeing everyone again in 2022!

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